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Terms and Conditions
I have quilted hundreds of quilts for satisfied customers.  I greatly appreciate the faith and confidence my customers have in me. I do everything in my power to provide an excellent experience & services to my customers.  However, the quilting process is effected by many variables.  It can be the fabric chosen, the piecework, and  construction that will impact the final result of the quilting process. I only have control over the quilting process that I provide. I do not have control over how the quilt was pieced and problems as a result. If there are issues during the quilting process I will do my very best to work with the problem which may include things such as taking a hand tuck in wonky borders to take up excess fabric.  In very rare occasions a seam was open during the construction process which can result in the longarm machine getting caught and causing a tear or hole in the quilt top, batting and backing.  Yes, this is a longarm quilters worst nightmare!  (This can also damage a longarm quilting machine!)  So if I see it I will correct it before I quilt.  However I can't check every seam so it is the quiltmaker's responsibility to make sure seams are complete.  If this should occur I will repair the damage to the best of my ability. I will always let you know of the problem and how the repair was completed. So please avoid these potential problems by checking that your quilt is square and lies flat, all seams are complete, any seams that are at the edge of the quilt are stay stitched to prevent pulling apart during the loading process.  By sending me you quilt, you agree that you have read and understand that I will do my very best to provide a quality quilt job, but things do occur from time to time.