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July 2022 Newsletter

                     July 2022

HI friends! Summer is in full swing with the warmth of the sun and occasional rain & storms.  We are in dire need of more rain here in Western PA. Our grass is brown and has only needed mowed once in the last 5 weeks, ugh!  Hopefully you are enjoying some vacation or staycation time. I have greatly enjoyed a weekly Wednesday retreat with my friend to her cabin for a sewing day! I will be closed for a retreat to West VA with friends July 26th-31st   
 Other Vacation Dates:           August 16th               Sept 15th-23rd              Oct 20th-25th

           15% Discount on longarm quilting for up to 2 quilts ends September 1, 2022
                       Turnaround time is very short now, 1-2 weeks max. 724.679.2709

New Wide Backing 

108" Wilmington Prints Light Grey Trellis $18.00/Yard (click here)

Pressing Seams

Pressing seams is a basic part of the skill set for quilters. Here are a few tips:

  • First is to set the seam. This means to press the seam where you have just joined 2 pieces. This secures the stitching together.
  • Then, open the fabric & place the seam in the direction to be pressed. Follow the instructions on the pattern. Press seams so the units will fit well when joined together.
  • Then lift the iron and set it down on the seam to press. First from the front side of the fabric, then on the backside. Be sure the seam is open completely. 
  • The up & down motions of the iron is important to avoid stretching the fabric.  Pressing clothes uses a back & forth motion. Making a quilt is an up & down motion.
  • Use of a hot iron is important to getting a crisp finish. The type of iron to look for is a high wattage. An iron for clothes may be from 500 watts and up. I like to use a 1700 Watt iron called Pur Steam found on Amazon for about $45. Oliso iron is an 1800 Watt iron marketed for quilters at a price around $200+.
  • The use of steam is a personal choice. I like and use steam most of the time. I think it gives me a crisper finish in my piecework. When using steam there is a potential for shrinkage. In order to avoid this, I will press my fabric with steam before cutting. Here is where the shrinkage will take place.
  • Finally, pressing should be done from the start until the end of the quilt making. Each seam, intersection, joining of units & blocks, adding of borders should be pressed as you go. 

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Have you ever participated in a sew-a-long?  I've recently begun to follow Pat Sloan and have joined in one of hers. Pat has an upcoming sew-a-long using her new book Tantalizing Table topper. I'm in for this one! I purchased the book & am using my stash to make the quilt. The quilt used a block from each pattern in the book. Check it out, you may want to join in!

Little Foot Quilt Shoppe in Evans City, PA

Little Foot is a great quilt shoppe for our more local people for sew-in-the-shop days, classes, kits and fabulous fabric.  Sarah Barnett and her team are a friendly & very helpful group who can help in anything you need from fabric selection, expert advice or instruction, and classes for any skill level. Sarah is also a Handi Quilter dealer! Stop in to say hi! Sarah has patterns she has written available for free online at her shop & blog! Here is the link to Little Foot.

You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
Maya Angelou

Until next time, happy stitching!