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Rivers Bend Quilter's September Updates & Meeting

                                                                     Hello Ladies!

With learning how to send group emails through my website, I thought I would give it a try for the club!

I hope everyone is well! We will be having a parking lot get together to take care of somethings that need attention.
No official meeting. We will meet for the following needs Monday September 14th 7pm in the parking lot at Holy Trinity. 
We still can not meet in the church because our group is too large.

Quilts of Valor

Sue reports that we have 10 QOV completely done.
We have 7 to be quilted, bound, label attached and washed.
The quilting will be completed by next Monday Sept. 14th.

We need people who are willing to pick up a quilt/quilts finish the binding,
sew on the label, and wash with Color Catchers.

Anyone who has a finished top for the QOV, please bring it so it can be quilted.
We need to give Bob Ripper a final count of quilts by October 1st so he can begin the process of contacting
potential recipient's.

At this time, the QOV Program Presentation is scheduled for Nov 6th at the Chicora Elementary School.
This of course like everything today is subject to change.


Treasurers Report

Elaine reports the following expenses:
       Sandy Lord $100 for the program
       Nancy Watt $27.83 to print raffle tickets
       Joyce Mong $65.19 for QOV Labels
     Bus Company Refund   $1340.00
     Raffle Tickets     $54.00

     Balance:  $ 2069.92

Raffle Quilt
Please bring any sold raffle tickets and money Monday. We will have more raffle tickets available
if you are able to sell more.

Officers & Programs for 2021
I'm being hopeful and am beginning to think about the year 2021. 
Shirley and Jack have requested a replacement for the newsletter task. I will fill in till the end of this year,
but we need someone for next.
Gretchen has agreed to fill the position of President, We need a Vice President.
Any other current officers or committees who need a break, please let me know so we can let the club members know.
I will prepare and send a letter to the church requesting use of the Fellowship Hall for 2021.

And we will need to plan for programs, fun activities etc. So, everyone can be thinking of ideas!

Picture of Brady's Bend From the Overlook on Rt 68

Longarm Quilting by Pam
111 Church Dr.
Chicora, PA 16025