Longarm Digital Quilting Patterns

All digital patterns available on my site can be sized accordingly for the quilt, and your preference for density
of the quilting stitches.

I also need to consider the size of the quilt and my available space on the quilting frame. For a small quilt, up to about a throw size I can size a pattern up to 12”, for larger quilts my maximum
is about 10”. I can also decrease the pattern size, often when this occurs the stitch length will need to be increased
to 12-14 stitches per inch. Normally all quilts are completed with 10 stitches per inch.

If you do not find a quilting design in my current inventory of available patterns, please use the links below to
browse and find something you like. You do not need to purchase the pattern.

Go to the sites below, I have accounts with them all. Select a pattern you want and record all of the pattern information on your order form (pattern name, designer, and the site), I will then upon receipt of your quilt order, purchase the pattern.

New Designs


Blocks & Triangles

Border & Sashing

Children & Teens

Coordinating Design Sets

Faith Based - Christian


Floral & Leaves

General Patterns - Pantograph

Geometric & Contemporary


Holidays & Seasons

HQ Pro-Stitcher Digital Design Catalog


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